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The only son of the 1st Earl of Mar and his wife Annabella, John Erskine was educated at Stirling Castle in the company of James VI. He became heir to the earldom on the death of his father in 1572 and took control of Stirling Castle in 1578 from the Earl of Morton. Mar fell in and out of favour with James VI and his position at court was never stable. Different noble factions at court vied for the Kings attention and by 1582 the Earls of Lennox and Arran were in favour. Mar had to give up the keys to Stirling Castle in favour of Arran. However by 1585 Mar was once again in control of Stirling Castle and was made a member of the Privy Council. He was Lord High Treasurer of Scotland from 1610 to 1630. He died in Stirling in 1634.
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17th Century
860 x 960 x 115mm
700 x 600mm
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