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Oak roundel, part of a series of carvings that decorated the King's Presence Chamber at Stirling Castle. There is a striking similarity between this Stirling Head, with its spiked crown, and the image of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in a print dated 1516. Although scholars in the 16th century had access to Classical writings they had far fewer visual records than we have today. As a result Classical figures were often depicted in costume based on fanciful interpretations. The Stirling Heads are constructed of 3 panels, originally only secured by glue. The great majority of the Heads, however, are in part constructed in 2 ply, an additional board or block having been placed over the middle board to enable the carver to model the central portion of the medallion in high relief. Nail holes are apparent in the borders which indicate the way in which the Heads were fixed to the ceiling.
Collection Type
Date Made
Circa 1540
dia 787.4mm (dia 2' 7")
h 28mm (h 1 1/8")
Property Information
Accession No

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