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James VI (1567-1625) hardhead, I issue, August 1588.
This coin offers an example of copper coinage during the reign of James VI before his accession to the English throne.
The design consists of a crowned IR for the Latin ' Iacobus Rex'. A crowned shield with lion rampant is on the reverse of the coin.
The legend reads the following on the obverse: ICOB 6 DG R SCO. These Latin inscription translates as ' James by the Grace of God King of Scotland'. Reverse: VINCIT VERITAS (truth conquers).
James VI was the first Protestant monarch of Scotland. As Elizabeth's nearest heir, he succeeded to the English throne after her death in 1603, unifying the Crowns and ruling both kingdoms.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 19.2mm (dia 3/4")
1.1mm (1/16")
w 1.45g
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Accession No

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