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George II (1727-1760), halfpenny, Young Head 1729 -39; Old Head 1740 - 1754.
This coin offers an example of copper coinage issued under the reign of George II. Unfortunately, the worn surface at design makes it difficult to establish whether it is an earlier or last issue.
The obverse of this coin bears the laureate bust of the king as 'Young Head or 'Old Head'. On the reverse Britannia is seated at centre, holding an olive branch and a spear, with shield to the right.
The Latin inscription on the obverse reads 'GEORGIVS II REX', which translates as: 'King George II'. The other side of the coin quotes' BRITAN NIA', that is ' Britain', followed by the date.
George II was born and brought up in Germany and for this reason exercised little control over Britain's domestic policy as a king. In 1745, supporters of the Catholic claimant to the British throne, James Francis Edward Stuart , 'The Old Pretender', led by James's son, Charles Edward Stuart, 'The Young Pretender' or 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', attempted and failed to depose George in the last of the Jacobite rebellions. During George II's reign British interests expanded throughout the world with the colonization of North America, the power of Parliament in Britain became well-established, and the Jacobite challenge to the Hanoverian dynasty was extinguished.
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dia 27.3mm (dia 1 1/16")
1.4mm (1/16")
w 7.32g
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