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Charles I (1625-1649) Irish farthing, 'Richmond' issue, 1625-1644.
The design of this coin consists of a crown with crossed sceptres on the obverse, while the reverse bears a crowned harp at its centre.
The Latin inscription is at legend on both sides, on the obverse it reads: CARO DG MAG BRI, which translates as 'Charles II by the grace of God [King of] Great Britain'. The legend on the reverse reads: FRAN ET HIB REX, which means ' King of France and Ireland’.
This coin offers an example of coinage issued under royal licence in Ireland at a time of civil and religious turbulence. Discontent exploded into open rebellion in October 1641 and the situation was furtherly aggravated by the broke out of the civil war in England in 1642. Dissent made royal coinage unpopular among the Irish Catholics who issued their own coinage. Meanwhile, the Lords Justices at Dublin put into circulation emergency currency. The final coinage of the rebellion is known as 'Ormonde money' after the Earl of Ormonde, appointed Lieutenant of Ireland in 1643.
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Date Made
dia 20mm (dia 13/16")
dia 17.4mm (dia 11/16")
w 0.54g
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