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Henry III (1216-1272) penny, 1247-1259.
Found during excavations at Caerlaverock Castle,in Dumfries and Galloway, this silver coin offers an example of Canterbury issue cl.5-7. The obverse depicts the facing bust of the king, holding a sceptre with the regnal number,III, to its left at legend.
A voided long cross with three pellets at each quarter is on the reverse.This design was introduced in 1247 to replace earlier 'short cross' coinage. This type had a cross that extended to the edge of the coin that was designed to prevent the illegal practice of clipping off small fragments of silver while the coins were in circulation.
The inscription on the obverse reads HENRICVS REX III, that is 'King Henry III'. The Latin inscription indicates the name of the moneyer and the mint on the reverse: ION CANTERBVRY.
Henry III was the first king introducing the practice of indicating the regnal number on the coins.
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dia 17.4mm (dia 11/16")
w 1.1g
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