Object Detail

French jetton made at Tournai in the 15th century. Obverse shield bearing three rosettes in upper panel, two lis above trefoil below, trefoil above shield: saltire VISESSIIIEN (Lombardic lettering) small saltire pellet. Reverse: Cross ICCVCVSC { } SCICSS (Lombardic letters), cross pattee with flower on stalk in each angle. Jettons were not currency but counters used on counting board to perform calculations. Found during excavations of the moat at Caerlaverock Castle, Dumfries and Galloway 1955-1966.
Collection Type
Date Made
15th Century
26 x 26.05mm
w 4.08g
dia 26.7mm (dia 1 1/16")
0.9mm (1/16")
Property Information
Accession No

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