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Edwardian penny, 1279-1344. The obverse of this silver coin shows a crowned portrait of King Edward I, front facing, with the inscription EDWR ANGL DNS HYB, which stands for' Edward King of England and Lord of Ireland'.
A long cross with three pellets in each quarter is on the reverse. Here, the inscription indicates the name of the mint.
This English silver penny offers an example of medieval coin clipping, where small amounts of silver were illegally cut from the edges of coins, to be melted down and sold.The act of clipping was a serious criminal offence and punishable by death at the time.
The recoinage that commenced during the seventh year of Edward I's reign established a format for the design of English coins that will lack any substantial change for many years. The practice of indicating the King's regnal number on the coins was introduced by Henry III but was not continued by his successors: Edward I, Edward II and Edward II. This means that for almost a hundred years, all English pennies bore the name 'Edward' and their basic design remained the same. As a consequence, it is very difficult to determine the sequence of issue and to attribute the coins to one of the three Edwards.
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w 0.39g
dia 11.7mm (dia 7/16")
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