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George III silver bank token, worth 3 shillings.
The obverse depicts an armoured portrait of George III, with the inscription 'GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA REX' (George III by Grace of God King).

The reverse depicts an oak wreath around the outside. The inner inscription reads 'BANK TOKEN 3 SHILL', followed by the date.

These tokens were issued by the bank of England between 1811 and 1816, during the Napoleonic wars, until recoinage in 1816. Two different bust types were used, one military type, where George III is depicted wearing armour, and a laureate type, showing only the King's head wearing laurels.

Two denominations were issued. Tokens worth one shilling and 6 pence weighed 7.2g, and measured 26mm in diameter. Tokens worth 3 shillings weighed 15.2g, and measured 35mm in diameter.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 34.7mm (dia 1 3/8")
1.3mm (1/16")
w 12.63g
Property Information
Accession No

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