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George III (1760-1820) halfpenny, 1806-07. The obverse depicts a laureate bust of King George III facing right, wearing robes. The inscription reads 'GEORGIUS II-D:G-REX' (George II King by the grace of God) with the date below.

The reverse design shows Britannia seated facing left, holding an olive branch and a trident, with a shield resting beside. A small ship lies in the left background.

During King George III's reign, halfpennies were minted infrequently. Each period of issue features a distinct design on the obverse and reverse. The earliest coin from 1775 shows a design typical of earlier coins from the Tower Mint, with the kingwearing armour on the obverse and Britannia holding a spear and olive branch on the reverse. From 1799 to 1807 the minting of halfpennies was outsourced to the Soho Mint in Birmingham. The design of the coins changed to show George III in robes instead of armour, and Britannia holding a trident and olive branch.This change in design transforms Britannia into a symbol of Britain’s ever increasing maritime power.
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Date Made
dia 33.7mm (dia 1 5/16")
3mm (1/8")
w 17.56g (w 1/16lbs)
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Accession No

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