Object Detail

George III (1760-1820), cartwheel penny, 1797. The obverse shows a robed laureate bust of King George III with long hair, facing right. The inscription reads 'GEORGIUS III. D:G. REX' (George III by the grace of God King).

The reverse shows Britannia seated facing left, holding an olive branch and a trident, with a shield resting beside. A small ship lies in the left background. The inscription reads 'BRITANNIA', (Britain), with the date below, 1797.

This is an example of the first coins in England to be mass produced on a steam powered press. Designed to combat counterfeiting, each coin weighed its exact value in copper; one ounce.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 35.3mm (dia 1 3/8")
2.9mm (1/8")
w 22.99g (w 1/16lbs)
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Accession No

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