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Manchester halfpenny trade token, 1793. The obverse depicts the grocer's arms,consisting of a loaded camel above a sheild, with a griffin either side. The motto reads 'GOD GRANT GRACE'. The inscription reads 'MANCHESTER PROMISSORY HALFPENNY',followed by the date, 1793.
The reverse shows bale mark of the East India Company, cosisting of the initials of the Company V E I C (Vnited East India Company) within a heart crested with the number 4. The heart is parted by a cross saltire, with the letters placed in each quarter. The reverse inscription reads ' PAYABLE AT IN. FIELDINGS GROCER & TEA DEALER'.

The United East India Company used the bale mark as a kind of trade mark. The inclusion of the mark on this trade token suggests that Feildings Grocer was probably a member or an affiliate of the East India Trading Company.
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Date Made
dia 29.2mm (dia 1 1/8")
1.8mm (1/16")
w 9.72g
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Accession No

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