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James II (1437-60), penny, 1437-51.
This billon penny shows severe historic wear with features of the design still partially visible on both sides.
On the obverse is a crowned portrait of King James II, while the reverse bears a single long cross with three pellets in each angle. The Latin inscription reads JACOBVS DEI GRACIA R, which translates as 'James by the Grace of God King'. On the reverse is the Edinburgh mint-signature, VILL/AED/InB/VRG, that is ‘town of Edinburgh'. This billon penny was minted in Edinburgh in-between 1437-51 and offers an example of first coinage under the reign of James II. When the throne passed to James, he was only seven years old and his earlier coinage was merely a continuation of that of his father. It should be noted that the mint often travelled with James on his tours of royal residences.
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dia 13.8mm (dia 9/16")
w 0.23g
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Accession No

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