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Mary (1542-67) plack, 1557, reissued in 1575.
This billon plack was worth four pence Scots, and offers an example of countermarked coinage from the time of the regency of the Earl of Morton. The obverse depicts a crowned shield with lion at centre, dividing M R. with a heart and star. The reverse design shows an ornate cross with a plain cross in the centre and crowns in the angles.
The inscription reads 'SERVIO ET VSV TEROR'.
Due to the number of forgeries in circulation hardheads and placks of Mary's were called in in March 1575 and the genuine coins reissued with a heart and a star countermark, the arms of the Earl of Morton, regent for James VI at the time.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 22.5mm (dia 7/8")
0.9mm (1/16")
w 1.75g
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Accession No

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