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Louis XIII (1610-43) double tournois, 1643.
This coin shows a laureate head of the King, left facing. The inscription reads 'LVD.XIII.D.G . FR. ET. NAV. REX', followed by a cross,(Louis XIII by the grace of God King of France and Navarre).

The reverse design shows three fleurs de lis, with the inscription 'DOUBLE TOVRNOIS', followed by the date, 1643.

Louis XIII introduced a new monetary system in France that replaced the franc. New gold and silver coins were launched in France called the Louis d'or or Louis d'argent after the image of the king on the obverse. King Louis XIII sat on the French throne for 33 years and during his reign France was turned into an absolutistic monarchy and a leading European power. In 1640, the engraver Jean Varin was appointed chief of the Paris mint. Varin was a supporter of mechanical coinage, and put the screw press back into operation and introduced a new technique of imprinting eometrical patterns on the rims of coins so that the edges could not be trimmed.
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dia 18.6mm (dia 3/4")
1.4mm (1/16")
w 2.62g
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