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Royal Dutch florin, coinage of 1619-37.
This coin offers an example of early modern Dutch florin, originating from the 'fiorino d'oro' of the Republic of Florence. In 1378, under Count Wilhelm V, the Dutch made thier own version of the Florentine golden florins and allegedly named this coinage gulden (guilder). In the 1600's, each of the seven provinces of the young Dutch Republic would have had its own mint and produced their own guilders.
The obverse design of this coin reads the inscription 'TRAIECTUM', while a foliage motif is at legend.
The reverse shows the coat of arms of the city of Utrecht, with lily shapes around. Flame decorations are in one quarter of the coat of arms.
Traiectum was a Roman fort on the frontier of the Roman Empire. The Remains of the fort are in the centre of Utrecht, Netherlands, which takes its name from the fort.
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Date Made
dia 19.6mm (dia 3/4")
0.9mm (1/16")
w 2.45g
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Accession No

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