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Gaston D'Orleans (1627-50), double tournois, French provincial coin, 1634.
This coin shows a profile bust of Gaston D'Orleansi, facing right. The obverse inscription reads 'GASTON .VSVE. DE. LA. SOV. DOM', (Gaston, usufrutier de la souvrainete de Dombes).

The reverse depicts three fluers de lis, with the inscription 'DOVBLE TORNOIUS 1634 R', followed by a cross.

Gaston D'Orleans is known for several unsuccessfull conspiracies and revolts againts the ministerial governments during the reign of his brother, King Louis XIII (1640-43), and the minority of his nephew Louis XIV (1643-1715). On two occasions, the King's youngest brother had to leave France for conspiring against the government.
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Date Made
dia 19.9mm (dia 13/16")
0.9mm (1/16")
w 2.17g
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Accession No

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