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George III (1760-1820) Irish halfpenny, 1782.
This coin offers an example of Irish coinage minted during the reign of King George III.
The obverse bears the laureate bust of the king at design, while a crowned harp is at centre on the reverse.
The legend on the obverse reads ‘GEORGIVS. III. REX.', which translates as: ' King George III'. The inscription quotes 'HIBERNIA', on the reverse, which means Ireland.
New Irish coppers were minted at London in 1766 and 1769 and again in 1775-6 and 1781-2; but supplementing these were large quantities of lightweight counterfeits, manufactured mainly in Birmingham.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 33.9mm (dia 1 5/16")
3mm (1/8")
w 17.54g (w 1/16lbs)
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