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Queen Victoria (1837-1901), penny, 1854.
The obverse design of this coin depicts a portrait of young Queen Victoria, also known as 'young head', with ribbons in her hair. On the reverse Britannia is seated right, holding a trident, with her hand resting on a shield. Below are the heraldic badges of England, Scotland and Ireland, that is a rose, thistle and shamrock. The obverse inscription reads VICTORIA DEI GRATIA, which means 'Victoria by the grace of God', with the date below,1854. The reverse quotes BRITANNIAR REG: FID: DEF:, which translates as: Queen of Britain, Defensor of the Faith.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 34.2mm (dia 1 3/8")
2.5mm (1/8")
w 17.96g (w 1/16lbs)
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Accession No

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