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Swedish öre. This coin shows a very worn and corroded surface on both sides, design and inscription are illegible.

The öre is the centesimal subdivision of the Swedish krona. The name derives from the Latin aureus (golden), the name of a coin worth 25 denarii. During the Middle Ages the öre was a unit of a Swedish currency equal to 1/8 of a mark, 3 ortugar or either 24,36, 48 penningar (depending on the geographical area in which it was used). It was already a unit of account in the 11th century, but was not minted as a coin until 1522. The öre was withdrawn in 1776, but returned in 1855 as 1/100 of the riksdaler. The riksdaler was replaced by the krona in 1873, one riksdaler equalling one krona, but öre remained the name of the minor unit.
Collection Type
Date Made
18th Century-19th Century
dia 25.2mm (dia 1")
1.3mm (1/16")
w 4.91g
Property Information
Accession No

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