Francis and Mary (1542-67) lion, 1559.
Also known as a hardhead, this coin was worth one and a half pence Scots. Mary's coinage is divisible into five phases, reflecting her early life, two marriages and two widowhoods.
This billon coin was found at Stirling Castle and offers an example of the second period coinage, 1558-60, during Mary's marriage to Francis, the French dauphin. The obverse design of this coin features a crowned FM monogram for Francis and Mary, each side flanked by a dolphin. The dolphin was the heraldic emblem of the dauphin of France, Francis. A crowned lion rampant is at design on the reverse.
The Latin inscription reads 'FRA ET MA D G R R SCOT D D VIEN' on the obverse. This translates as: Francis and Mary King and Queen of Scots and Dauphin and Dauphine of Vien. The reverse legend quotes ' VICIT VERITAS', which means 'truth conquers', followed by the date.
During Mary's reign numerous issues appeared in gold, silver and base metal, many of them comprising denominations never previously struck.
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16 x 1mm
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