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The exact function and layout of this object in St Andrews Cathedral is still widely debated in academia. Many believe it is a part of a Pictish sarcophagus or shrine, whilst others think it may have been from a series of screens.
It dates from the 700s to the early 800s, and comprises six individual sandstone pieces which slot together. The first fragments were discovered in 1833 while grave digging. Further fragments were found over the years, and in 1922 the known surviving pieces were collated. It is believed that the majority (if not all) the pieces were found in ther burial ground between St Rule’s Tower and the Cathedral.
Despite its Pictish origins, this object does not inclue any of the characteristic symbols found on other Pictish monuments. However, includes other decorative styles that are commonly found in Pictish sculpture, such as hunting, fictional animals, and biblical scenes on the main panel.
Collection Type
Date Made
8th Century-9th Century
h 650mm (h 2' 1 9/16")
l 1080mm (l 42 1/2")
d 120mm (d 4 3/4")
Property Information
Accession No

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