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Circular wooden vault boss carved with the Lamb of God design symbolising the risen Christ. The boss is roughly circular and has been turned to form three concentric rings of decreasing diameter. There is evidence that the boss had once been coloured. Traces of black paint or pigment survive, particularly around the lamb motif, and there are also traces of red or orange coloration around the edges of the object. The boss was attached to the ceiling by means of four wrought iron nails hammered into tapering wooden plugs or dooks. It also incorporates a wrought iron hook in the centre of its face, possibly for the suspension of another object. Two grooves have been cut into its outer edge. There are many vault bosses in Glasgow Cathedral. This example occupied a position towards the eastern end of the nave’s south aisle. Removed in February 2013 during a high-level health and safety inspection at Glasgow Cathedral.
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295 x 265mm
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Accession No

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