Object Detail

This Pictish symbol-incised cross-slab is carved from a slab of mica-rich grey granite with mica bands visible across the surface. It has clearly been damaged and reworked in the past; a chunk of the missing portion on its left side today survives as a separate fragment. Its main face is carved in relief with an ornate Latin cross and four Pictish symbols. To the left of the cross, forming one pair, is a crescent and V-rod above a triple disc, and to the cross’s right is a ‘mirror- case’ with, below it and extending under the shaft, a double-disc and Z-rod. An ogham inscription, incised along the entire length of the right hand side of the stone, reads:
The meaning is unclear, but the portion following the MAQQ (‘mac’ or ‘son of’) may be a (Brittonic) Pictish personal name – rogododd. The portion preceding the MAQQ is difficult to interpret but one of the words is also likely to be a personal name.
Found in Dyce churchyard and now on display in the church, Dyce, Aberdeenshire.
Collection Type
Date Made
Late 9th Century
w 615mm (w 2' 3/16")
h 1540mm (h 5' 5/8")
300mm (11 13/16")
Property Information
Dyce Symbol Stones
Accession No

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