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This memorial to Christian Brydie bears her initials ‘C B’, a central inscription 'THOVGH IN THIS/ TOMBE MY BONES/ DOE [RO]TTING LY/ YET [RE]AD MY NAME/FOR CHRIST AND/ BRYDE AM I 1655.' and 'HEIR LYETH A CHRISTIAN CHRISTIANE/ BRYDIE SPOVS TO IAMES CARSTAIRS BAILLIE OF STANDREWS DECEASSED ANNO/ M DCLV OF HER AGE XLVIII/ HAVEING LIVED WITH HER BELOVED HVSBAND XXVI YEARES.' around the edge of the slab. Originally from the common burial ground to the east side of St Andrews Cathedral, this grave slab was removed to the Cathedral Museum in 1909. St Andrews Cathedral Museum has one of the finest collections of seventeenth century grave slabs in Scotland. Richly carved with imagery and inscriptions they provide a lasting record of how the wealthy inhabitants of the town wanted to be remembered. On display at St Andrews Cathedral Museum.
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1893 x 865 x 110mm
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Accession No

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