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Two George V protest shillings, 1933.
These two coins offer an example of shillings issued during the reign of George V. 'Protest shillings' were used by the Masters of Trinity House to mark their objections to issues being discussed at their meetings.These were used to count as objections to the western extension of the breakwater in Leith in 1935.
The obverse design bears the bare head of the king, while a lion above a royal crown is on the reverse.
The legend reads 'GEORGIVS V DEI GRA: BRITT: OMN: REX' on the obverse. This translates as: George V by the Grace of God King of all Britains. The reverse quotes 'FID DEF IND IMP', with denomination of the coin, ONE SHILLING, and date, 1933, below. The Latin inscription means ' Defensor of the Faith, emperor of India'.
Shilling 'a ‘was presented by Dr Cowan and shilling 'b' was presented by Mr N.G. Salvesen. Each shilling has a piece of card bearing the protesters name attached by a pink ribbon with sealing wax. Unfortunately, due to the sealing, design and inscription are illegible on the obverse of shilling 'a' and on the reverse of shilling 'b'.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 23mm (dia 7/8")
3.3mm (1/8")
l 105mm (l 4 1/8")
w 7.7g
dia 23mm (dia 7/8")
4mm (3/16")
l 120mm (l 4 3/4")
w 8.76g
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