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Grenadier's fur cap issued to Donald Smith who was a Grenadier in the 97th Regiment from the raising of the Regiment until 28th November 1795, when he transferred to the 42nd regiment at Hilsea Barracks. The cap is a standard pattern issued from 1768 onwards. Its distinctive profile comes from the metal support at the front which is covered by black bearskin. The back of the cap is finished with a panel of red facecloth and the interior lined with coarse linen. The name of Grenadier Smith is written on this lining. The die-struck metal frontlet plate is common to all grenadier caps of this pattern and carries the cipher and motto of King George III surrounding the royal crest of England. The Latin motto translates: “Difficulties do not daunt”. Both the regiment and the particular company would have been identified on a small plate, now lost from this cap, stitched to the bearskin on the back of the cap. The photograph shows the back of the only remaining complete cap from the 97th Regiment. On either side of the back-plate with its regimental number set within a grenade are decorative white cords, largely missing from Grenadier Smith’s cap. From the Seafield Collection. On loan courtesy of National Museums Scotland.
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Circa 1798
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