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Fishing boats known as 'yawls' were once common in Newhaven and the Forth. The Victoria is typical of a two-masted clinker built yawl. This model, along with other boat models, would have been paraded on Gala Days and special events by members of the Society of Free Fishermen. Newhaven mariners were renowned for their specialised knowledge of the Forth and often served as pilots to to vessels navigating into and out of the port of Leith. Trinity House licensed these pilots.
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Date Made
Late 19th Century
570 x 490 x 385mm
172 x 12 x 6mm
186 x 14 x 6mm
173 x 15 x 5mm
225 x 11 x 6mm
228 x 11 x 6mm
224 x 12 x 7mm
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