Object Detail

Part of a recumbent coped monument. The upper side features a tiled or tegulated roof and roof ridge associated with a house-shaped shrine. The ridge forms a serpent seen from above, with triple-grooved body, and head at the left end with circular eyes and a long snout. On left side, beneath the serpent’s head, the roof terminates with plain panel, just rising at the outer edge to some straight frame, now cut back. The revese has a later inscription in Roman capitals 'M RR 1665'. On display with other Pictish stones at St Vigeans Museum, Angus.
Collection Type
h 530mm (h 1' 8 7/8")
w 1525mm (w 5' 1/16")
d 185mm (d 7 5/16")
Property Information
Accession No

Object Type