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Paperweight with George III (1760-1820) shilling, 1808.
This Georgian coin is sealed within a plastered wooden casing with glass at top and bottom.
The obverse bears the laureate and armoured bust of King George III, while the reverse design consists in the UK coat of arms with royal crown above.
The inscription reads 'GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA' on the obverse. This translates as: 'George by the Grace of God'. The reverse legend quotes: FIDEI DEFENSOR BRITANNIARUM, followed by the date, 1808. The Latin translates as: 'Defensor of the Faith of Britain’.
This Georgian coin offers an example of post- formation of the UK shilling. In fact, during the reign of George III, two completely different designs of shillings were issued: pre and post formation of the UK. The former would have shown a laureate bust of the King on the obverse and a cruciform of shields with emblems of George's royal claims and crowns in diagonals between, on the reverse.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 35.6mm (dia 1 3/8")
h 26.8mm (h 1 1/16")
w 71.7g (w 3/16lbs)
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Accession No

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