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Paperweight with George III (1760-1820) half guinea, 1807.
This Georgian gold coin is sealed within a glass paperweight, which produces a magnifying effect.
On the obverse is the laureate bust of King George III. The reverse design bears a crowned shield within a Garter.
The obverse legend reads ' GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA', which translates as: 'George III by the Grace of God'. The reverse inscription reads the following at legend:' FIDEI DEFENSOR BRITANNIARUM REX, while at Garter the inscription reads:' HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE'. Respectively the Latin translates as: ' Defensor of the Faith and King of Britain' at legend, 'evil be to him who evil thinks' at Garter.
This coin offers an example of half guinea issued in between 1801-1813. This is reflected by the design on the reverse of the coin. In fact, the King relinquished his claim on the French throne in 1801, and following this date the Hanoverian arms were removed from the coat of arms on the reverse of the coins. In the Great Recoinage of 1816, the guinea was replaced as the major unit of currency by the pound.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 40.1mm (dia 1 9/16")
h 29.7mm (h 1 3/16")
w 88.94g (w 3/16lbs)
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Accession No

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