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Believed to have been given as a Papal gift in 1494 from Pope Alexander VI to King James IV. The head of the Sceptre is formed from a large globe of polished rock crystal supported by stylised dolphins and three figures depicting the Virgin Mary, St James and St Andrew; this is surmounted by a gold orb with a single large pearl. The silver gilt hexagonal rod has three divisions and is decorated with engraved motifs, including thistles and fleur de lys; it was remodelled and lengthened in 1536 by Adam Leys, an Edinburgh goldsmith. The Sceptre is part of the Honours of Scotland, now on display in Edinburgh Castle, has been present at many major Royal ceremonial events over the past five centuries.
Collection Type
Date Made
Pre 1494
l 861mm (l 33 7/8")
dia 86mm (dia 3 3/8")
w 907.18g (w 2lbs)
Property Information
Accession No

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