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The Sword of State was made by Domenico da Sutrigifted as a gift to King James IV from Pope Julius II in 1507. Da Sutra took the Arms of Pope Julius as the theme for the decoration of the Sword handle. The base of the blade is etched on both faces with depictions of St Peter and St Paul and inscribed with inlaid gold lettering 'JULIUS II PONT MAX' (Julius II surpreme Pontiff). The Sword of State is part of the Honours of Scotland and has been present at many of the major Royal ceremonial events over the past five centuries.
Collection Type
Date Made
Pre 1507
1378 x 438mm
w 2kg 460g (w 5 7/16lbs)
1128 x 50mm
l 1499mm (l 59")
Property Information
Accession No

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