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Remodelled in 1540 from the earlier Scottish crown by John Mosman, an Edinburgh goldsmith. Mosman added more gold to the circlet attaching fleur de lis and crosses fleur, all heavily ornamented with 69 pearls and 43 gemstones (diamonds, garnets, amethysts and other precious stones.) Four arches from the old crown were also added, decorated with gold and red-enamelled oak leaves, and surmounted by an elaborately constructed gold and dark blue enamel orb and a gold cross, decorated in black enamel, studded with a large amethyst and eight oriental pearls. The refashioned Crown weighs 1.59kg. It is part of the Honours of Scotland, now on display in Edinburgh Castle, and has been used at many of the major Royal ceremonial events over the past five centuries.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 217mm (dia 8 9/16")
h 117.4mm (h 4 5/8")
dia 190mm (dia 7 1/2")
d 136.7mm (d 5 3/8")
d 84.5mm (d 3 5/16")
h 79mm (h 3 1/8")
w 1kg 775g (w 3 15/16lbs)
Property Information
Accession No

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