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John VI (1816-26), one pataco, 1814.
Worth 40 reis, this coin offers an example of coinage issued during John's regency of Portugal. The obverse depicts the laureate bust of King John VI, right facing. A crowned oval shield with value, 40, is on the reverse. The obverse inscription reads: JOANNES.D.G.PORT.ET.ALG.P.REGENS, followed by the date, 1814. This translates as: John, by the grace of God, Prince Regent of Portugal and Algarve. The Latin quotes UTILITATE PUBLICAE on the reverse, which means ' for the public benefit'.
As monarch of the Portugueuse Empire, John VI was one of the last representatives of absolute monarchy in Europe. He ruled over the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves from 1816 until the independence of Brazil in 1825 and remained King of Portugal unitl his death in 1826. His reign was never at peace because of the continuous interferences of Spain, France and Great Britain. His Spanish wife conspired against him and his two sons opposed his politics. He died of arsenic poisoning.
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Date Made
dia 34.9mm (dia 1 3/8")
4.2mm (3/16")
w 34.07g (w 1/16lbs)
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