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William and Mary (1689-1702) turner, 1691-1694.
This coin offers an example of copper coinage issued during the reign of William and Mary.
The obverse design features a crowned WM monogram for William and Mary, while a crowned thistle is on the reverse.
The legend reads 'REX. ET. REGINA.D.G.MAG.BR.FR.ET.HIB' on the obverse. The Latin inscription translates as: by the Grace of God King and Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland. The reverse quotes ‘NEMO ME IMPVNE LACESSET', that is' no-one shall hurt me with impunity'.
Collection Type
Date Made
dia 19.3mm (dia 3/4")
0.8mm (1/16")
w 2.48g
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Accession No

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