Object Detail

King James VI is depicted half-length, turned to the right. He is wearing a dark coat over an embroidered costume, a white lace ruff and the collar of the Order of the Garter. A hat jewel is attached to the rim of his hat. The light coming from the left accentuates his facial features: the sunken eyes, robust nose and beard. The painting is in the manner of Daniel Mytens, a Netherlandish painter who came to England in 1618, introducing a new style based on naturalism to English court portraiture.
Collection Type
Date Made
h 840mm (h 2' 9 1/16")
w 650mm (w 2' 1 9/16")
h 1070mm (h 3' 6 1/8")
w 865mm (w 2' 10 1/16")
Property Information
Accession No

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