Object Detail

Hidden behind the shield of this vault boss is a secret sculpture.

At first, it looks like a simple coat of arms – possibly those of Bishop Columba Dunbar (1422–35). However, look closely and you’ll see fingers clasping the sides of the shield. Hiding behind is a crouching hooded figure. His robe is bunched up around his middle and – if you crouch down yourself – you’ll see that he is naked below the waist. Be warned, though, he is anatomically correct!

The stone formed part of a vaulted ceiling, so the figure may have been hard to see. Could it be a swipe at the monastic orders, living their holy lives inside abbey cloisters? Perhaps a reminder that sin can hide behind a mask of innocence? Or was this naughty nudity just an in-joke among the masons?
Collection Type
Date Made
14th Century
540 x 410 x 360mm
w 68kg (w 149 15/16lbs)
Property Information
Accession No

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