Object Detail

The collar is of gold and enamel forming twenty-one garters containing a red rose. The garters are enamelled blue with gold letters giving the motto of the order, HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE (‘The shame be his who thinks ill of it’). The garter links alternate with double gold knots in the fashion of a cord with four tassel ends.
The Great George of the Order of the Garter is named to distinguish it from the lesser George, a gold badge which hangs on the blue riband of the Order. It is of gold and enamel in the form of St George on horseback slaying the dragon with a spear. The obverse of the George and its suspension link are studded with sixty-four rose-cut and fifty-seven table-cut diamonds. One table and three rose-cut diamonds are missing. The reserve of the George is fully enamelled in colour.
Both Collar and Great George may be of French workmanship and were probably made for King James VII. Part of the secondary honours. Forms part of the Stewart Jewels. On loan from Her Majesty the Queen.
Collection Type
Date Made
17th Century

h 72mm (h 2 13/16")
w 65mm (w 2 9/16")
Property Information
Accession No

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