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The jewel consists of an oval chalcedony cut with a cameo of St Andrew and his cross with thistle below the figure. The cameo is surrounded by twelve large rose-cut diamonds with a larger diamond set on the ribbon loop. The original colour of the ribbon was dark purple. On the reverse is an enamelled oval circumscribed by the motto of the Order, NEMO NE IMPUNE LACESSIT (no one assails me with impunity) in gold letters. The centre is oval, bearing an enamelled thistle, is hinged and opens to reveal a miniature portrait of Princess Louise of Stolberg, wife of Bonnie Prince
Charlie. Probably the original miniature showed Mary Modena, first wife of King James VII. The Jewel bears no internal marks but was made by a London goldsmith between May 1687 and December 1688. Part of the secondary honours, The Stewart Jewels, taken to France when James VII became an exile, the jewels were passed to Prince James Francis Edward ('the Old Pretender') and Prince Charles Edward (Bonnie Prince Charlie) finally to his brother Prince Henry , later Cardinal York. The Stewart Jewels returned to Great Britain in 1807 to King George III. In 1830 the jewels were returned by King William IV and deposited in Edinburgh Castle in 1830. Forms part of the Stewart Jewels. On loan from Her Majesty the Queen.
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Date Made
May 1687-Dec 1688
65 x 40mm
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Accession No

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